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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Giving My All... Wasn't Enough

Perspective is a humbling thing. My week was crazy at work, but I was still able to fit in some great workouts including one that included three sub-9 minute miles strung together. Fresh off of what was a great run, I didn't put too much energy or mind to my long weekend run. After all, it was only an 11 miler...shorter than the 15 I'd pounded out last week. It was a recovery week...no problem, right? I quickly learned the lesson of not respecting the distance (albeit shorter than what I had done just a few days earlier.) Miles 1 thru 7 were fine. With the exception of warmer weather, Spence and I were moving through the morning with no problem. This was going to be his longest run ever. He is training to do the half marathon the same day as I do the full. He has been strong the last several weeks and is doing very, very well.

As we hit mile 8, I couldn't ignore the strain I was feeling and couldn't believe the difficulty I was having. Upset, mad, embarrassed.... all of those emotions simmering as I told myself to finish it up. I was giving it my all, and today that wasn't enough. I had been humbled and retaught the lesson of respecting the distance...no matter what distance your biting off for the day. As we hit the last stretch we picked up the pace. I had just enough left in the tank to leg it out for a minute or so...just enough time to realize, I had left it all out on the trail.

Workout stats:
11 miles
9:33 avg pace


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some runs just aren't meant to be I guess. I've actually had my most miserable times on shorter runs. Maybe it is a respect thing?

10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much we tend to focus on the "bad" runs, when in fact, they are pretty rare. But if they occur during a long run, they can be quite memorable!

We get angry at slowing our pace when we're running 10+ miles, yet really we should be happy we can even go that far.

When I have one of those bad training runs, I remember that it wasn't a race and I didn't "lose" anything.

5:05 PM

Blogger Lance Notstrong said...

I learned that lesson too during my marathon training. The weather was up and down all through Oct-Nov (still is) and I had a 12 miler scheduled. It got into the upper 80's that day and I could only pull out 9 miles. I didn't drink right or eat right and I paid the price. Sweaty and salt covered after only 9 miles.

6:43 PM

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