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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Settling In to Fall

The colors of fall are usually accented by yellows and brilliant reds...that is if you live anywhere other than Texas. The only fall colors in Austin are orange. Not only the burnt orange of the University of Texas (I'm not a UT fan) but also of pumpkins. Growing up in St. Louis, we were always treated to the vibrant colors of fall. Here in Texas, we'll have to settle for pumpkins.

This time of year also means parents' visiting pumpkin patches for photos. I always love watching parents try to get that "magical" shot of their kid surrounded by pumpkins. It's great people watching! While we didn't get a photo that will be appearing on the cover of any magazine anytime soon, Chicklet and our little man were good sports.

After a brilliant day of unexpected riding Friday, I had zero expectations for Saturday's 8-mile training run. Three of my running buddies had to back out because of family obligations or injury so I was left to my own motivation. I am always a bit more eager for long weekend runs because, unlike my weekday runs, I usually meet up with a friend or two for the day's miles. It's that company that has become a great component of training and a great motivator. A few of the guys I've been running with also kick up the pace. I've been enjoying the challenge recently instead of approaching it with drudgery.

Out running on the trail by 8am, despite riding on what was supposed to be a day off from training, I was feeling good. Hit my stride early, steadily picked up speed and ended up running negative splits miles 4 through 7. I am, however, looking forward to getting rid of the yo-yo weather that we've seen the past two weeks. Sunday's weather is cool and a perfect way to start the week.

Workout stats for Saturday:
Town Lake Trail
8 miles
9.40 avg pace


Blogger Jodi said...

Adorable pictures!


8:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your pumpkin patch picture. I will be trying to capture mine soon.

Way to gut out the solo run.

8:46 PM

Blogger TRI TO BE FUNNY said...

GO Cards!!!

10:00 AM

Blogger LoneStarCrank said...

Amen on "Go CARDS" Carrie. Great childhood memories at the old Busch Stadium...

10:51 AM

Blogger Tara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your kids are SOOOO adorable!!

12:34 PM


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