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Friday, October 20, 2006

Just For Fun...or was it?

A day off work, sunny skies and tempertures in the 60's...if that doesn't get you fired up, nothing will. An early morning trip to Magnolia for some epic gingercakes with pecans and breakfast tacos (if you're ever in Austin you must experience) set the stage for a day of family and a day of riding.

My wife was heading to the airport with the kids to take a friend to her flight... as they headed out, I rushed to get rolling. With my training focusing more on running this past month, I had forgotten how much satisfaction and enjoyment I get from saddling up and heading out. The first five miles were good -- strong cadence, good pace. While I had set my mind on a shorter loop, the weather was pushing me to go further, daring me to soak it in. When I got to the turnaround for my predetermined 24 mile loop, the pull was too much, I decided to go long. Up a harrowing section of road and finally on Bee Caves road...smooth sailing, rolling hills and just me and the bike, a stolen day away from the office. While I was less than 20 miles away from the house, I felt like I was so far away from the stress of every day. Ever notice how the miles are amplified when you're riding?

At each hill I had to remind myself that today was about enjoyment, but the bike kept lunging, my legs kept twitching to go harder. Once you've felt the success of proving to yourself, proving to others that you can succeed there's no going back...even a "fun" day becomes a day you want to push yourself. Knowing that tomorrow is an 8 mile pace run for marathon training, I was quick to try to hold back.

Easing into a brisk but manageable pace I noticed cars up ahead coming to halt on 360 (a four lane divided highway)... as I came to the front of the slowdown, I saw them, two deer stuck in the median trying to cross the highway. It seemed as though everyone was mesmorized by the beauty of the deer. Skiddish and hesitant, they waited, we waited and for once the fast pace of everything around was still. After a minute or so the deer felt safe and crossed the highway. As I labored on and looked back at them darting through the brush, I realized it was the perfect end to a ride that was all about enjoyment. With another 10 miles to home I didn't take another look at the speedometer...there will be other days for that, why mess with perfection.

Workout stats:
Bike - rolling hills
37 miles
17.5 mph

By the way...I can't finish up here without wishing a good friend good luck in Kona tomorrow. I'll have my eyes on #1390. He was the one who challenged me to sign up for my first 10k, my first half marathon and my first marathon. I guess he's to blame for some of this craziness! I'll be cheering for him.


Blogger Jodi said...

My heart always stops when I see deer near the highway. I can't watch it because I am so afraid they will get hit. They are such beautiful and graceful creatures!


6:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great ride and a wonderful way to spend a day off work.

8:14 AM


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