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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pure Intentions

There are so many quick moments in life that we sometimes forget to stop, take a moment, and realize the totality of all of those experiences and moments....and more importantly what they collectively mean to our lives. Spence and I met up early for a 7 mile tempo run. We were both trying to get a workout in before tackling some family commitments. My wife was leaving for a few days for a girls' weekend and Spence's little fella was celebrating his 2nd birthday. It was the first weekend run we'd tackled since the marathon and enjoyed seeing so many other people out on the trail in pursuit of "their" goals and races. We passed training group after training group. I was excited for them knowing they were on their way to accomplishing something big. We did our run and averaged just over 9 minute mile pace. I was just along for the ride. Spence was doing the heavy lifting of setting the pace and pushing us faster.

Shortly after the run, we all said goodbye to Mommy and Mommy said hello to some much needed (and well deserved) time away from Chicklet and Happy. Sink or swim we're on our own. Thank goodness we had plans to go to a birthday party. Watching 1, 2, and 3 year olds play at a birthday party, I was quickly reminded of the immense responsibilities we have to each other -- not just our children or spouse -- but to each other.

Chicklet and Spence's little man are quickly becoming good friends and to watch them interact is always so revealing. There is no pretense. They don't like each other out of obligation or because one of them looks a certain way or has a certain job or "status". They like each other because, well, they like each other. There is no outside, superficial crud that gets in the way. I am mindful of that crud more and more as I watch Chicklet's pure interactions with other kids. We should all be so lucky to have great examples to follow.

That's all for now...."Mr. Mom" has some serious business to tend to in the kitchen...oh who am I kidding, "Who wants to go out for dinner?"


Blogger Deanna said...

Sounds like a great tempo run, in more ways than one. Hope you, Chicklet and Happy found your way to a great restaurant. Thanks for visiting my blog - and for the encouraging thoughts!

5:42 PM


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