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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We Are Family

Three days removed from the marathon and I am reminded of each of the 26.2 miles with every step. Funny how the nagging aches and pains are ususaly met with such disdain during training, but after an accomplishment like a marathon they're a badge of honor, a mere inconvenience worth enduring. So far I am feeling 5 times better than at this time after my first marathon. Once the calves loosen up, I'll be much better off.

In my rush to post a marathon race report I left out a moment that ranks pretty high with finishing a marathon. While enjoying a non-training Saturday morning with the family, we headed to Kerby Lane Cafe for some serious breakfast. There was a line so we had to wait outside, which wasn't a problem given the incredible weather. As Chicklet, Happy and my wife found a comfy bench I was standing enjoying the morning. Just then Chicklet said, "Daddy, come sit over her next to me. I'll schooch over and give you room." It was an incredibly sweet gesture. Mind you, our little girl in all of her innocence and sweetness is not a "huggy", cuddly kid. I sat down next to her and said thank you. But then she turned up the heat to melt daddy's heart. She got closer and said, "Daddy, put your arm around me so we can be a family." My wife and I melted.

At that moment I realized there was no race or competition that would compare with that small moment of time. It had such meaning and perspective. We sat there enjoying the moment and for the first time in a long time we weren't in a hurry, we weren't looking at our watches in a rush to be seated... we were just "there", enjoying every sweet moment of being together.


Blogger Motownrunner said...

this is so sweet. yes, perspective is a beautiful thing. :)

9:52 PM

Blogger Bigun said...


12:39 PM

Blogger tri-mama said...

Oh yea.....! The moments to savor.

6:59 AM

Blogger Cara said...

How cool! Stellar family and stellar marathon, what more can you ask for?

6:32 PM


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