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Sunday, February 18, 2007

AT&T Austin Marathon in the Books

26.2 miles -- check

Celebration with friends -- check

Ice bath -- yikes

Massage -- check

Bed -- ahhhhhh

38 minute PR -- PRICELESS!

Race report and pictures to come shortly. Thanks for all the emails asking about the day and the result. It was an incredibly beautiful day on a hilly challenging course, big PR and a great learning experience.

Final time (no not the time on the pic above)...my finishing time was 4.27.13.

Congrats to the other finishers. More to come...


Blogger DV said...

Awesome! All your hard work payed off in spades! I hope you don't hurt... Remember not to run for a few days/week...

8:48 AM

Blogger liz said...

Dude, thanks for your kind post. It was really an emotional day yesterday. Your time was awesome! I actually am thinking about training for the San Diego marathon. I am a little nervous because my left knee is really sore today, more sore than what was expected, so I am definitely going to take it easy. I have Cowtown on Saturday. Yeah, I know, it's crazy...

11:25 AM

Blogger Michele said...

Congrats!!!! Can't wait for the full report.

6:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

woohoo! Nice job! Can't wait to read more.

1:33 PM


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