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Friday, October 13, 2006

Potty Bootcamp

So you say you just did a two-a-day brick workout, your in your own personal hell of a bootcamp and you don't think you could run another interval.....HAH.... you've got it easy. Being the parent of a 2-year-old little girl this is the challenge weekend to end all weekends --- it's potty bootcamp. If you've never taught a kid to use the toilet, you've missed out on some big fun.

Our little girl was moving right along on the potty train before our little man was born 5 months ago. But immediately after his birth she wanted nothing to do with it. Months passed, cases of diapers were disposed of and then finally eureka. Chicklet was in the bathtub and suddenly got the look that could only mean one thing -- get me out or I'm about to fill up the tub even further. Fast on my feet, out came the sopping wet nakey bootie straight to the toilet. And then - YES - the beginning of the end of diapers. Not once, but twice in one night. Thus ushering in potty bootcamp weekend.

Incentive is a great thing... and by the way whoever thought to take a piece of paper and decided to put some tacky, sticky stuff on one side was a genius. It's priceless the draw of a sticker has on a kid. So the stage is set, we told chicklet every pee pee or poo poo gets a sticker and after she fills up the chart with 10 stickers she gets to pick out her own special "panties". So I envisioned me standing, understandably uncomfortable in the toddler underwear section by the end of the weekend... but little did I know that our child has some sort of special powers and a bionic bladder. Less than 24 hours into bootcamp and she's already hit the 10 sticker mark and ready to fill up another chart tomorrow.

At this rate I'm in for several uncomfortable moments spent looking for "panties"... by the way, if anyone knows where to get Curious George panties....Chicklet says we're in the market for a pair of "monkey panties" when she earns pair number 2.


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