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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Potty Bootcamp -- Day 2

Our two year old is proving she has some pretty special genes in the potty department. Who knew how many times she was really going in that diaper, but man she is a machine. It's day 2 of the potty bootcamp and Chicklet is rocking! For those of you who haven't read the previous posting on the subject, this is a good time to take a look below before moving on.

I started the day before the potty training diva was awake. Met a friend and his dad down on the trail for a 6-miler before diving in (bad choice of words, I know) to another day of potty bootcamp. While running, I couldn't help but share my pride for our little girl being such a trooper with the toilet. I told them about the monkey panties, I told them about her excitement, told them about my walk of discomfort that was upcoming for daddy in the "panty" department. Funny thing is my friends dad asked if we could have ever imagined 3 years ago having this conversation while running? Heck no... the telling thing about the conversation -- I was so excited for our little girl. After kicking out 6+ miles (1.00.10)it was time to strap on the drill sergeant mentality and get down to the potty business.

By the time I had returned home from the morning run, our bionic bladdered kid had already gone two more times. She keeps up this pace and daddy will be wearing out a trail to the "panty" aisle. After getting ready and showing me the new stickers on her chart, it was time to make good on my promise, it was time to swallow my pride and head to the store. Our girl was beaming as she was able to pick out which underwear to buy...something that was somewhat nostalgic and sad for daddy. You can tell that mommy is pretty excited about getting rid of those diapers too! I've got to say the follow through of the potty training is due to mommy.

Needless to say we now have Dora panties and Chicklet is well on her way to getting some Curious George panties (stroke of luck that they actually had some at the store we visited, phew crisis averted) and we couldn't be prouder. Of course that pride will be tested.... I didn't know this until I asked "what now?" of my wife... oh yeah, now comes the real test. Those panties we just bought...that's it, no turning back. Now daddy REALLY, REALLY hopes she is potty trained enought to hold it until we get to the toilet, because if not....oooooops.


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