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Friday, January 02, 2009

Cheers to 2008!

What a year....many firsts -- most good. Based on my lack of checking in on LoneStarCrank, you may have guessed that it's been a bit busy and hectic. It's been a year filled with feeling like it was difficult to fit everything in....a year that really made me realize that taking time to do what really matters is priceless. I hope everyone had the kind of joy, excitement and adventure this past year as we have experienced.

In 2008, I was blessed to....
...See my daughter grow into a caring, sweet, empathetic girl. She is undoubtedly her mother's daughter, and I LOVE it.
...Watch my son grow into an even more adventurous young boy. He has developed such a love for his sister. I love watching him explore the world around him everyday.
...Enjoy another great year of being married to my best friend. It's a treat to still get excited every day on my way home from work.
...Have my father move to Austin. Spending time with him has been a real blessing to me and my family. I respect him so much for the sacrifice he made for us when we were growing up.
...Stay healthy....a little too healthy around the mid-section. My lack of races this year has put about 10 pounds on me this year (that will soon be rectified early in 2009!) Great year of sticking to a lifestyle change.
...Be a part of a great church with a mission of living outside itself to help others.
...Still enjoy my work and the people I spend so much time with at work. Good crew.
...Be surrounded by great friends who support our family, celebrate the big accomplishments and are there when things get a little tough.
...Make some great travel memories with the fam.

Though I'm not one for resolutions...in 2009 I will strive to....
...Spend more time worrying about what really matters.
...Get rid of what crept onto my midsection.
...Do at least one century bike ride in a respectable time. If that means I have to do two of three to get a respectable time, I'm in.
...Sign up for more races and rides.
...Be a more patient father.
...Carve out more time to be a husband...and not just the guy who shows up after work.
...Buy a top-of-the-line, killer bike; quit my job; move my family into an RV; travel around the country to experience every place I've ever wanted to see; sell said RV and fly overseas to do the same in several countries; and never wear a suit again.

Okay...so almost all above are doable. A guy can dream right? To you and yours this New Year's Eve....many blessings for 2009! Dream big!


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