A married father of two riding his way through the crazy life of parenthood, trying to balance family, work and training for an upcoming marathon and Half Ironman triathlon. It's a process. It's a gift. It's life. LIVE IT!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Is this really Winter?

What a day in Austin! Woke up ready to put in some miles on the trial...dressed for seasonable weather, stepped outside and WOW....humid and 68 at 7 a.m. Are you kidding me? After a short drive and some shedding of many layers. I hit the trail for a 6 miler. I couldn't help but share a few trips down memory lane watching the many training groups doing their long runs in preparation for the upcoming Texas marathons. Was daydreaming back to those days of discipline and great training when it hit me.... those days are still here. Maybe not logging those miles, but the frequency is there...just not the intensity.

Wrapped up a great run and bookended the day with a our maiden voyage as a family with Chicklet (4 1/2-year-old daughter) on the trail-a-bike. Mom was game for pulling little man in the bike trailer and we scooted a few miles to get his hair cut and enjoy a coffee. Chicklet was a pro hitched up on the trail a bike. Even dug down and cranked up the effort on a few uphills. We made the loop, pedaled home and pulled into the driveway with about 5 1/2 miles under our belts for the first trip. It was AWESOME.

Part of the way through the ride, she even told me...."Daddy we have aour own cycling team now!" It was one of those priceless experiences of sharing one of my great loves with my daughter. I sense it will be the start of some great adventures linking us together.... I pray it's just the beginning.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Cheers to 2008!

What a year....many firsts -- most good. Based on my lack of checking in on LoneStarCrank, you may have guessed that it's been a bit busy and hectic. It's been a year filled with feeling like it was difficult to fit everything in....a year that really made me realize that taking time to do what really matters is priceless. I hope everyone had the kind of joy, excitement and adventure this past year as we have experienced.

In 2008, I was blessed to....
...See my daughter grow into a caring, sweet, empathetic girl. She is undoubtedly her mother's daughter, and I LOVE it.
...Watch my son grow into an even more adventurous young boy. He has developed such a love for his sister. I love watching him explore the world around him everyday.
...Enjoy another great year of being married to my best friend. It's a treat to still get excited every day on my way home from work.
...Have my father move to Austin. Spending time with him has been a real blessing to me and my family. I respect him so much for the sacrifice he made for us when we were growing up.
...Stay healthy....a little too healthy around the mid-section. My lack of races this year has put about 10 pounds on me this year (that will soon be rectified early in 2009!) Great year of sticking to a lifestyle change.
...Be a part of a great church with a mission of living outside itself to help others.
...Still enjoy my work and the people I spend so much time with at work. Good crew.
...Be surrounded by great friends who support our family, celebrate the big accomplishments and are there when things get a little tough.
...Make some great travel memories with the fam.

Though I'm not one for resolutions...in 2009 I will strive to....
...Spend more time worrying about what really matters.
...Get rid of what crept onto my midsection.
...Do at least one century bike ride in a respectable time. If that means I have to do two of three to get a respectable time, I'm in.
...Sign up for more races and rides.
...Be a more patient father.
...Carve out more time to be a husband...and not just the guy who shows up after work.
...Buy a top-of-the-line, killer bike; quit my job; move my family into an RV; travel around the country to experience every place I've ever wanted to see; sell said RV and fly overseas to do the same in several countries; and never wear a suit again.

Okay...so almost all above are doable. A guy can dream right? To you and yours this New Year's Eve....many blessings for 2009! Dream big!