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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Need a Plan

First things first, I. NEED. A. PLAN! It is becoming increasingly clear that I am in need of some goals to bring focus to my fitness and training. I had trained up for the CapTexTri Olympic distance, but for family reasons, decided to pass on the race (good thing since Mother Nature intervened to cancel the race...more on that later.) With a crazy summer coming up with vacations, taking a week to work as a camp counselor, and work deadlines, I will be tested and challenged with sticking to a plan...but that's part of the fun, right? So here is the deal. Before vacation June 15th, I will have a plan.

The CapTexTri was canceled Monday, leaving thousands of disappointed triathletes. We felt horrible for those people who traveled to Austin for the race, only to leave without competing. I hope their stay was enjoyable and really, really hope they'll be back for another race soon. On a successful tri note, my buddy competed in the Brazil Ironman this last Sunday and did incredible. He left the water in 627th place and almost picked off half the people in front of him on the bike and run to end up 315th. Amazing effort and great result.

On the family front, things are going well. We have been busy with summer activities...swim lessons, Little Gym, trips to the park, bike rides and a few hikes. We're gearing up for a family vacation which will take Chicklet and Happy to the beach for the first time in their young lives. Chicklet is looking forward to enjoying a few weeks with her cousins, of whom she adores. She will also be turning three in a few weeks which is causing great anxiety for mom and dad as we try to figure out where the last three years have gone. Psssst....don't tell her, but she is going to be super stoked with the new bike she's about to get for her birthday. (Dad's pretty excited about that too!)

Happy is growing fast and more mischievous by the day. He turned one last month and has been walking for the last three months (which only adds to his level of mischief.) He is so much fun and also LOVES THE BIKE. More on that to come this summer, I'm sure.

On a side note, thanks for all of the comments and e-mails about Blotches and moving on. She is very much missed around our house these days and we have been remembering her fondly. There is a void that will not soon be replaced.


Blogger DV said...

great pics!

having some races on the calendar always acts as a huge motivator to get my arse in gear! hope the trips go well - the kids will love the beach and will force you to make it at least an annual event... it's worth it though!

11:25 PM

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6:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always need a goal to keep me focused.

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3:51 PM

Blogger Trisaratops said...

I am the same way with goals...this season's been hard as my goals are more like, "Run/walk 4 miles and not feel too bad about it." Quite a change from last year! Oh well...

You have the cutest kids ever!

10:23 AM

Blogger liz said...

hey lonestarcrank!
i haven't run since the san diego marathon - well, i did run three miles one day with motownrunnergirl when we were at a conference together, but i need a plan, too. i have put Dallas' Too Hot To Handle 15K on my calendar for July 21, and The Crim 15K in Flint, MI, on Aug. 25. That's the weekend I'll start training for the Dallas White Rock Marathon on Dec. 9. Going to do the full this time. Get cranking!

9:31 AM

Blogger Tammy said...

Hi there, dropped in via Kahuna's awesome state list. We may be neighbors soon!

Great pics of the kids, and so sorry to hear about blotches :(

11:09 AM


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