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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Swim, Very Understanding Wife

We all know what women want for at least one day out of the year — flowers (check), a nice sweet treat (check), and time on Valentine's Day with their significant other (oooops!) You guessed it, Valentine's Day 2007 and I got most of them right. In a statistical sense I was *almost* perfect.

That's when a very understanding spouse enters the mix. The tri swim class that I just started was meeting on Valentine's night. No big deal, I thought, I'll just skip this one session and spend the evening with my wife celebrating Valentine's Day. My wife, however, would have no part of that. She was quick to tell me that she would get the kids to bed and when I got home we'd be able to celebrate Valentine's. What a woman!

I was glad I didn't miss the class...it was a killer with pro-triathlete and coach Andrea Fisher taking great liberty at correcting the multitudes of "issues" I have with my stroke and breathing. I was grateful for her individual attention — and humor — and am already feeling more comfortable in the water and feeling the small improvements. Amazing what can happen when it all comes together. I am far from efficient and "at home" but I'm getting there....slowly.

I am also just days away from toeing the line for the AT&T Austin Marathon. Paring down the miles this week, I went out yesterday for a short run, only to be surprised with how fast I was going. For the first time in a long time — Whoa Nellie — I was having to hold back the ENTIRE morning. I knew there was nothing more I could do to build on and wanted to take one final victory lap around the lake before raceday. Even as I was holding back, the miles continued ticking away and all were in the 8.40 to 8:50 per mile range....quick for me, and a welcome sight. I don't plan on turning in those kinds of splits come Sunday, but I am proud of my progress since September. Sunday I am hoping to reward that effort.

Free and drills

Town Lake
5 miles
8.55/mile avg pace


Blogger liz said...

Hey Lonestar and fellow Texan, thanks for the post on circle30. Good luck on the marathon Sunday. This will be my second half!
Thank god we'll have good weather!

12:57 AM

Blogger Motownrunner said...

hey, thanks for your post. i'm sooo excited to leave the frigid temperatures. do you want to meet liz and i to say hello? that would be sort of fun, no? send us your number?? or if not, it's cool anyhow. have a great time this weekend and thanks for your posts on motownrunnergirl. :))


6:26 AM

Blogger Michele said...

Awesome run and glad the swim is coming together for you.

Good luck Sunday, look forward to teh race report.

6:37 AM

Blogger DV said...

you are ready, lsc... no doubt your preparation will take you the distance and i can't wait to read of your victory.
sounds like you've found a good swim class - 1200 m will slowly turn into 1500, then 2000... progress is slow and steady, but so rewarding, eh?

8:11 AM

Blogger Lance Notstrong said...

Good luck Sunday :-)

2:23 PM

Blogger liz said...

hey dude, how did you do sunday?

5:21 PM


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