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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Inspiration for Living

Livestrong Challenge

What better way to start things out than with a post about the Livestrong Challenge held October 7th in Austin, Texas. More than 2,500 people participated...all with their own reasons for doing so. I was honored to celebrate the memory of my mom while volunteering at the event. It's been nearly 10 years since my mom died, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her, think of her impact and feel her spirit.

Of course, Lance was at the Livestrong Challenge (he won the 5K run with a time just over 19 minutes, then changed into his cycling kit and hit the road with he 40-Mile group), but I was struck at how this event wasn't about Lance...it was about all of other stories that simmer just below the surface of everyone. Stories of loss, of suffering and of pain somehow transformed into action, strength and resolve. That's fuel for striving to make a change... in yourself, in your community, in your workplace, in your family. While you may not be touched by the devastation of a disease like cancer, there is something within all of our past experiences that pushes us forward.

What fuels each of us is different, what drives us individually isn't unique, but we all, sometimes, need to take a moment to realize the value in the little things that matter in getting us to where we want to be.

It's a process. It's a gift. It's life. LIVE IT!


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